Rock Chalk Nation was a one-stop shop for all your Kansas Jayhawks news. The service collected headlines from many news sources into one convenient feed. Links went directly to the original sources. I created this service to help me keep track of all the newspapers, blogs, and other sources covering the Jayhawks. The service collected links to more than 50,000 articles in a little more than five years.

I’ve decided to shut down Rock Chalk Nation, for reasons:

  • I’m pretty sure I’m the only person who ever used it.
  • Most of the sources I pulled headlines from either no longer publish to RSS, have gone behind paywalls, or just don’t publish anymore.
  • I’m tired of paying for and maintaining the server it’s hosted on, and too lazy to move it to a managed platform.
  • Honestly, with all the controversy around Kansas Athletics this year, and with the NCAA in general, I’ve lost a lot of interest.

I may do something else with the domain someday. In the meantime, if you’re looking for news about the Kansas Jayhawks, your best bets as I write this are

Thank you for visiting, and Rock Chalk Jayhawk.